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VOLVO SEMI TRUCK TRACTOR Speedometer Gauges Dashboard / Instrument Cluster Repair PARTS

VOLVO SEMI TRUCK TRACTOR SPEEDOMETER GAUGES CLUSTER REBUILD REPAIR PARTS. $20 EACH stepper motor if you have a cluster with 7 or 10 gauges you will need to add the quantity in the shopping cart. PARTS  FOR 2003 and NEWER VOLVO SEMI TRUCKs Are you having problems with the Gauges NOT working or sticking. Speedometer Tach Gas Temp Battery Oil Tranny temp NOT WORKING in your VOLVO SEMI TRACTOR TRUCK VN, VNL SERIES, or VOLVO BUSES, where they are fluttering, sticking, reading incorrectly, or where the oil pressure is pegged out to max? or just refusing to work. Than this service is for you. If you were actually in an accident then you may want to look for a truck accident lawyer to help you get this service covered by the person at fault of the accident. Gauges fluttering, sticking, reading incorrectly, reading 120 MPH, or where the oil pressure is pegged out to max or just refusing to work. This part is for GAUGES ( stepper motors ) not working or sticking. We replace all 10 stepper motors. Our stepper motors are new and have a lifetime part warranty. ( other repair service offered on the web will use same motors that were built for Volvo will go BAD in a short time )  Vehicles Covered for this Repair : 2003 , 2004 , 2005 , 2006 , 2007 , 2008 , 2009 , 2010 , 2011 , 2012 Volvo semi trucks VOLVO CLASS 8 TRUCKS VN 430 VN 630 VN 670 VN 730 VN 780   VOLVO TRUCKS VNL 300 VNM 200 VHD 430 * IF YOU DONT SEE YOUR TRUCK  NUMBER E_MAIL US * vehix411@gmail.com